Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name Smells Like - Tea?

It’s a soft, mild, perfect summer evening. As I water the garden in my yard’s leafy glade, the air is thick with the smell of sweet perfume. The roses are in bloom, and they are magnificent. I take a deep breath and I am filled with their beautiful bouquet.

Somehow the aroma is not enough, I need something more, perhaps the use of another sense to experience this heavenly aroma. I need to taste it - drink it in. Ah yes, a cup of rose tea.

A while back a friend had given me a package of Eastern Shore Tea Company’s Victorian Rose Tea and I must admit it is grand. Made with a heady blend of fine teas, hibiscus, rose hips and rose petals, Victorian Rose Tea is an elegant blend to be savored on its own or with a delicate tea cake. A steamy pot of Victorian Rose Tea with a drizzle of lavender honey is soothing to the soul and stimulating to the senses. A true pleasure.

Tea production begins with certified pesticide-free full leaf tea cut in a hammermill. Tea bag production uses oxygen whitened bags, with tags made from unbleached paper, natural string (no staples), and soy ink. They are then packaged in heat sealed foil pouches and hand packed in over-wrapped tea boxes or in gift bags with hand tied ribbon. Caffeinated and naturally decaffeinated (chemical-free) teas are gluten-free.

As much as I love this tea hot by the cup (or pot) it’s invigorating iced with a sprig of lavender or mint. Brew a cup of decaffeinated rose tea to use in place of stock to create a sauce for a chicken or lamb dish. Substitute rose tea in place of water and your steamed rice will come to life. Making granita or ice cream? Rose tea will add a new aromatic excitement to your desserts.

So select your best china, find a relaxing place to read a good book, water the garden or take the time to simply smell the roses. And enjoy a cup of Victorian Rose Tea. Ah!


Clark said...

The way you describe this makes me want to try the tea NOW! Do you know if I can buy it around Buffalo instead of ordering it on line? By the way, the photo is beautiful...and I like the cup pattern too.

LIVE TO EAT said...
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LIVE TO EAT said...


This tea is special and versatile. I'm pleased you are intrigued enough to write.

To answer your question, I purchased the tea at Wegmans but I look for it wherever I shop.

The cup and saucer in the photograph is fine bone china by Mikasa and the pattern is Tuxedo - a classic favorite of mine.

Thanks for stopping by and for your questions.


John Ettorre said...

Great photo, Michael. Did you take it?

LIVE TO EAT said...

Yes, I did take the photo, John. And the roses really are from my garden. I like to use images I take myself, I feel it adds a personal touch.

Photographing food in a restaurant is tricky because the lighting sets the mood for dining, not photography. Getting an image of food at home is a tad easier. But I'm no Donna Turner Rhulman. She is amazing!

Thanks for stopping by again, John. It sure is a thrill to hear from you!