Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sample Restaurant

Known for their amuse-bouche dinning concept, Sample restaurant has developed an innovative menu that delights diners with small bites of food that are packed with big flavors.

Jennifer and Adam Goetz have reinvented the restaurant experience by creating an environment which embraces the cocktail party, allowing each diner to create their own party at their table.

On a recent visit as part of the Sunday Supper Club, Sample restaurant hosted a Beer Dinner consisting of five outstanding courses, each perfectly paired with a carefully chosen beer selection. Here is that evening's line-up.

Complements of the kitchen, and to open your appetite, was an amuse of wild mushroom and parmigiano custard on a crispy potato crust.

The custard was silky smooth with a wonderful crispness from the potato crust.

First course: Pumpkin Soup
Creamy pumpkin soup was served with light as air herbed dumplings and toasted pumpkin seeds.

In leu of cream, this soup’s deep pumpkin flavor was achieved by a simple puree of pumpkin and vegetable broth.

Beer: Rochefort Trappist Ale “6”

Second course: Rabbit Tenderloin
This was wrapped in bacon and served with butter braised savoy cabbage served on top of creamy aged goat cheese polenta.

The sweet morsels of rabbit tenderloin surrounded by crispy bacon were nicely set off by the creamy goat cheese polenta, and drizzled with a reduced rabbit jus. This was a beautiful dish.

Beer: Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider (USDA organic)

Third course: House Made Sausage
Beer braised, served on a caramelized onion and potato pancake with a warm sour cream and apple foam.

Moist slices of house made sausage covered a sweet onion and crisp potato pancake and was topped with a haystack of matchstick apples with sour cream and apple foam. This dish is comfort food raised to a new level.

Beer: Ayinger Brau-Weisse

Roasted Beet Ice

The only thing you could taste was beets, pure and simple. Very refreshing.

Forth course: Veal Schnitzel Roulade
Stuffed with braised veal, served with parsnip spaetzle and brussels sprouts.

Thin slices of tender succulent veal stuffed with moist braised veal were incased in a light crispy bread coating and served with parsnip spaetzle and roasted brussels sprouts. An amazingly flavorful dish.

Beer: Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter

Fifth course: Butter Crusted Pear
House made blue cheese streusel and hibiscus scented creme anglaise gelato.

This deconstructed pie al a mode was a warm buttery pastry cage which held slices of caramelized pears along side crunchy blue cheese streusel with a lovely hibiscus scented creme anglaise gelato. Jennifer shows off some of her talents with this fabulous dessert.

Beer: Lindeman’s Pomme Lambic

Each course was carefully prepared, perfectly seasoned and incredibly delicious. The beers were paired to complement the food and truly enhanced the meal.

Thanks to Christy Gibney of Try-It Distributing Co. Inc. and John Staunton of Merchant du Vin for discussing the nuances of each beer and why they were paired with each course.

And a special thank you to Jennifer and Adam Goetz for all the hard work they both put into making that extraordinary evening happen.

242 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14201


Christa said...

We attended the latest seating of this edition of Sample's Sunday Supper Club. The housemade sausage course was my very favorite (though all were good!) and the bleu cheese streusel served with dessert made my mouth sing. Of the beers, I most enjoyed the Rochfert. I love SAMPLE.

LIVE TO EAT said...

I love Sample too Christa. It was a great evening and the food, superb. Sorry to have missed you.

Libby said...

Thank you so much for sharing this beer dinner review. I read it aloud to my husband and we were by turns gasping and drooling. It sounds not only delicious, but the pairings are simple, yet truly inspired. Way better than the dinner we had at l'etoile. Sigh. I'm actually looking forward to visiting the in-laws now ;)

LIVE TO EAT said...

So pleased you enjoyed Sample's Beer Dinner menu, Libby. I believe you and your husband will adore Sample restaurant.

Thanks for reading and writing.