Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Visit To Three Of Our Local Farmers Markets

We Western New Yorkers are fortunate to have many farmers that are eager to bring us their bounties to local markets each week. Farmers and artisans from Erie and surrounding counties congregate in parks, parking lots, and (in winter months) church basements offering their fresh grown, raised and homemade foods.

We can expect to find organic honey, pasture raised meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan breads, maple syrup, wines and ciders, jams and fruit butters, desserts, heritage vegetables, fresh herbs, homemade pasta, artisanal yogurt and many other fine food products.

This week I set out to shop at three farmers markets. I had a great time shopping and enjoyed running into friends as well as making some new ones.

In East Aurora the farmers market in the Tops Plaza parking lot is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7am-1pm from April to Thanksgiving. On my visit I meet Audrey (left) and Debbie (right) from Schwab Farms. Thanks for the nice smiles ladies.
New this year is the Hertel farmers market, located in the Holy Sprit Church parking lot on Hertel Avenue at Delaware Avenue. The Hertel farmers market is sponsored by Holy Sprit Church, Chateau Buffalo, Pride of New York and Buffalo Indie Market. Hours are Wednesdays 3pm-6:30pm, July to October. Anyone interested in becoming a member or volunteer can contact for more information.

The Bidwell farmers market has become a destination onto itself - thanks to the combined efforts of Christa Glennie Seychew of Feed Your Soul Buffalo, Sandy Starks of Slow Food Buffalo, David Setzer of Artful Table and the creativity of some of our leading local chefs.

Each week at the Slow Food Buffalo tent, Christa and Slow Food Buffalo team up with one of our leading chefs to shop the market. Using ingredients purchased from the market venders, the guest chef prepares a dish for shoppers to sample. This week's dish was a creamy Pumpkin Soup with tender Herbed Potato Gnocchi, prepared by the amazing Adam Goetz of Sample Restaurant on Allen Street. Perfect for a beautiful fall day.

Check out the team at work.
Located on Bidwell Parkway between Elmwood Avenue and Colonial Circle at Richmond Avenue, the Bidwell farmers market is open Saturdays from 8am-1pm May until Christmas.


Glennis said...

We have a wonderful Farmers Market too. One can buy a fantastic breakfast cooked by a chef for very little, plus there are so many stalls selling a wide variety of goods life fresh fish and meat, masses of fresh vegtables, wine and chesse and many other things. Always an intersting place to stroll around.
Greetings from New Zealand.

LIVE TO EAT said...


Your farmers market sounds great, I'm pleased you chose to write and inform me. I understand New Zealand is very beautiful.

Thanks for reading and writing.